Ms Tibbins is the town school teacher. A Kiwi bird from New Zealand, she’s prim and proper, but warm and dedicated to the children and their education. The kids love her patient and caring nature: she’s almost a maternal figure. All the Greenpatch gang confide in Ms Tibbins as if she were their auntie.







Eddy is a young New York squirrel. When raiding a peanut factor in New Jersey, he inadvertently got packed, wrapped and shipped ‘Down Under’. Next thing Eddy knew, he was on the loose in a strange new land. Eddy has been embraced by the locals of Greenpatch as a ‘colourful character’ and he now runs a New York Diner-style milk bar called ‘Exotic Eddy’s Shake Shack’.





Spike is built like a bowling ball and covered in knitting needles! With his spiky body and ability to roll up into a ball, Spike is a valuable member of the kid’s gang. He’s not the sharpest tool in the box, but what he lacks in quick wits, he makes up for in toughness.