MEET pablo


A rare Colombian Cockatoo, Pablo was imported from South America. His transit was very distressing and he lost all his feathers that never grew back: so he was abandoned and finally ended up in the Aussie outback. He lives at the roadhouse store and has a very ‘latin’ temperament. Intense, passionate, noble and proud, he tends to be overly dramatic, punctuating his dialogue with flamboyant gestures and flourishes. A bird of mystery, Pablo always has a few tricks up his sleeve. 






Wombo collects knowledge the way he collects junk: randomly and prodigiously. In either case… good luck finding what you’re after. This good-humoured hoarder is the perfect balance between Star Wars’ Yoda and Harry Potter’s Hagrid. He’s never short on advice (whether you understand it or not) and wears his heart on his sleeve.