Read about where it all started!

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Blinky Bill is a true Australian icon and a highly recognizable international brand. Generations of Aussies are familiar with the classic Blinky Bill books and TV series, making this lovable koala a one-of-a-kind cultural ambassador. For proof, look no further than the flashing light on top of the Sydney harbour bridge, which is affectionately known as ‘Blinky Bill’! 

Flying Bark reimagined this beloved character, ‘Australia’s Mickey Mouse’, for a new generation and their families with the release of the CGI feature film, Blinky Bill The Movie, released in September 2015. The film follows Blinky as he sets off into the wild and dangerous outback where he and his mates must work together if they want to survive the rugged Australian landscape!

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Blinky Bill The Movie features the voices of some of Australia’s biggest stars, bridging the gap between generations of Blinky lovers and his most recent fans. 


Blinky’s journey continues in The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill, a hilarious animated series that is fast-paced and unmistakably Australian for today’s audiences. Set a few years after the feature film, Blinky has returned to Greenpatch with a bevy of crazy Aussie animals, bringing back a number of familiar faces, as well as a host of new colourful characters. True to its legendary roots, the show will continue to embody a quintessentially Aussie spirit, expressed through mischief, imagination, friendship and adventure!